About Us

Tovatec was founded on Hawaii’s North Shore in 1995.  It was one of the first businesses to specialize in manufacturing electronics to withstand the harsh underwater ocean environment.   In 2001, we introduced the first dive light made from aircraft-grade aluminum.  Aluminum offers superior strength and durability when compared to the plastic lights that were available at the time.  Simply put, our designs outperformed everything else in the market, and were adopted rapidly by divers across the globe.  We quickly grew and established offices in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California.  Since then, other manufacturers have followed Tovatec’s lead as the original innovator of underwater dive lights – more than 18 years later, the majority of underwater lights sold are now made from aluminum.

When we introduce a new product, we ask lots of questions – What problem does this product solve?  Why is it better?  Does it last longer?  Burn brighter?  After we answer these questions, we put the product in the hands watermen and waterwomen across the globe – we call them our ambassadors.  When our ambassadors tell us “yes, this answers the questions” we then bring the product to market.  This is purpose-built design.  Decades of experience, sometimes years of deliberation and months of end-product testing go into each product we sell.  Our products are among the best-selling lights in ocean environments like Australia, Japan the United Kingdom and Indonesia.

We believe that our lights are brighter, more reliable and ultimately a better value than the copy-cat and me-too products offered by other manufacturers.  Most of our core designs and accessories have been around for decades – they have withstood the test of tide and time.  However, we continue to make innovation a priority.  In 2016, our new Fusion series of lights were named the top primary lights in the industry when we received Scuba Lab’s “Testers Choice” for our Fusion 530 lights.

We believe our success comes from our people being ocean enthusiasts who love swimming, snorkeling diving and surfing.  We get outside and into the water as soon as the last order ships for the day.  When we arrive at work in the morning, we are held together by a bond to make products that are purpose-built for the ocean environment.