Galaxy II Light

The newest light to the Tovatec line up will be available September 2018.  The Galaxy II brings a whole new level to underwater lighting. With a red light, UV light, built-in spot and flood light, there is no need to change light heads during your dive.  This is the new standard to a complete lighting system – the possibilities of underwater photography are infinite!

Fusion Series

Engineered with all dive types in mind. The Fusion series offer the ultimate underwater light. The Fusion530 received Scuba Labs Tester Choice Award, but all the Fusion lights offer a powerful underwater lighting solution.  With a depth rating of 100 meters, the built-in pressure safety valve ensures that you will never have a problem with battery gas build up. With a variety of lumens to choose from, the Fusion series will provide perfect lighting for every activity. Both the FUS530 and FUS1000 have YS adapters available to attach to your camera tray.

T1000 Video Light

If you have ever been in the most beautiful surrounding and captured it in photos to be disappointed with the lighting that was available, this light is for you.  It’s the perfect size to stick in your BC and pull out for the perfect shot. With 1000 lumens and a 120 degree beam angle, you have flawless lighting wherever you go.

T1000 Spot light

Powerful enough to be used as a primary light with 1000 lumens and a 12- degree beam angle, the New T1000S has been flying off the shelves! It is the perfect size to fit into you BC and provide tons of light if needed.  You can also turn it to 50% output and SOS mode.


The Tovatec 3600 is an amazing 3600 lumen light that burns over an hour on high power.  This light is just under 11” and weight 1.42 pounds, without the batteries! It is easy to charge up the 2x 26650 batteries with the included charging cradle or use 6x  AA batteries to run this light up to 3 hours on low power.

UV Light

The UV LED creates an amazing fluorescent effect. The UV light offers an adjustable beam angle of 12-100 degrees and runs on both li-ion and alkaline batteries.  The UV light runs on full power for 4 hours.


The Compact light has been in use for over a decade.  Due to its size and simplicity, it is a beginner’s favorite.  The ICOM II offers a 3 hour burn time with 3x AAA batteries and a 9-degree beam angle.  It’s rugged and economical, perfect for all divers.


The Ultra III has a long history of success with divers worldwide.  With 830 lumens and a 5-degree beam angle, the Ultra III is a solid primary dive light for all styles of diving.


The IFL660-R’s simplicity has been popular with divers around the world for years.  Also in production for over a decade, the newest version is shipped with rechargeable batteries and is now 430 lumens with  a 7-degree beam angle.