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Who Are iAQUA?

We are enthusiastic geeks with sea water in our veins. We design, engineer and manufacture high perfomance electric water-jet technology.

Proudly Based in Shenzhen, the nerve centre of the electronics revolution, our products are developed to deliver maximum bang for your buck. With a provenance in automotive manufacturing, we are translating the same standards of durability and quality into the marine industry.

UV & Weathering

Although we use the same paint and 5 stage process as the car industry, we still test for fading and surface degradation from UV in our optical and hot environments lab.

Scratch & Impact Resistance

We want you to make the most of your Stingray without having to worry, so our materials and finishes are tested for durability particularly for abrasive sand and salt.

Corrosion & Salinity

iAqua products are designed to be used in challenging environments - we subject every single component to accelerated saline cycles to ensure they do not corrode or degrade.

Water Pressure & Ingress

We have in-house water pressure simulation machinery to rapid cycle test our components well beyond their intended operation range - meaning that water-resistance is assured.

Mechanical Robustness

All iAqua components and assemblies are put through brutal robustness simulation in our testing lab and in real-word trials before they make it into production.

Electrical & EMC

Combining electronics with water is a huge engineering challenge. We test at component & assembly level in our lab and real world trials for reliability and EMF emissions.

End of Line Testing

Nothing leaves our factory until it has met our exacting standards. Methodical validation testing for components prior to assembly and thorough end of line product quality control.

Customer Service

Dedicated 24/7 online and telephone customer service for product enquiries, repair, service & purchase support. Simple spare parts ordering system & regular dealership product training.


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PRICE $6,999.00
POWER 4.5 kg
SPEED 21 km/h
DEPTH 30 m
WEIGHT 35 kg


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