2015 has been a great year for Tovatec. Since our purchase of Tovatec last year, we have made a lot of changes and improvements both to our product line and level of service.

This year at DEMA we will be introducing our newest and most revolutionary line of lights to date, The Fusion Series. The Fusions were designed and developed with our unique concept of dual function lights. Tovatec was the first company to introduce a dual purpose light that can be used as a hand held (narrow beam) light and /or a (wide angle) video light all in one.

Our new Fusion lights offer dual purpose functionality plus dual battery options, safety pressure valve, 12-100 degree beam angle and much more. Our new Fusion series offers several new industry firsts all at amazing low prices.

During the final testing and evaluation of the Fusion series, we sent Fusion lights to a few dive professionals. Below are two of the Testimonials we received:

“Great quality light. The crisp white color illuminated the interior of a wreck as though seeing it in natural light. Toggle switch provided for a simple and easy way to shift between flood, beam, and strobe settings.”

Chase A. Manuel – Technical Diver Seal Sports, Louisiana

“The Fusion 530 was great for many applications. It will be good with a GoPro, as the wide beam does not have a hot spot. The focusable beam came in handy. I also used it on a night dive (with the 100° beam) and it worked very well as it did not scare the fish away.”

Dan Dawson – Horizon Divers Key Largo, Florida