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The Ultra light has a long history of success with divers worldwide. With a new magnetic slide switch, and redesigned tail cap o-rings, the Ultra III makes a solid primary dive light for all styles of diving.  Optimized in 2017 – new specs are below


Light Output : 830 lumen
Beam Angle : Narrow 5°
Multi-function : NO…
100% Full Power ONLY

Weight : 14.67 oz. (without battery)
Size : 8.7” length x 1.93” diameter
Switch : Magnetic slide
Depth Rating : 328ft / 100m

Battery : 6x AA alkaline
(not included)
Burn Time : 7 hours 30 minutes


Galaxy Video Light Ultra III
Light Output (lumens) 500
Beam Angle 14°
Depth rating 328ft / 100m
Weight 20 oz. / 567 g
Switch Magnetic Slide switch
Dimensions 8.9″ x 2″
Battery Type 6x AA (not included)
Lamp Type CREE XML – T6 LED
Burn Time 6 hours
Use Primary night diving light with great all around characteristics (Beam Angle, Lumen & Burn Time)

4 reviews for Ultra III

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel P. Weaver

    I bought this light from my local dive shop. A couple months later I bought the A-Torch WP2011 flashlight (Rated at 800 Lumens) because I wanted a rechargable flashlight to save on battery cost. While doing a night snorkel trip the other night, I gave the A-Torch light to my girlfriend and I carried my Intova. The Intova (500 Lumens) outshone the A-Torch light the entire trip! At the time we figured it mustve been a low charge on the A-Torch but the next morning after leaving the A-torch on its charger all night the Intova was still brighter! After reading the product description here, they aren’t kidding with the “extra bright” LEDs. I would recommend this light to all of my friends! Never mind the fact that the when in murky water, the narrowness of the beam and the size of the light itself make you feel like you’re swinging a lightsaber!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    love this light.. works great. A bit on the heavy side.. but nice that it takes AA Batteries. I’ll be going diving with it soon.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hirum Horkweller

    This is a great dive lite. Super bright, the switch is nice and easy to use, and the 500 lumens are much better than my prior 200 lumen light. Also, I appreciate that this light is ACTUALLY 500 lumens, as opposed to all those crappy Chinese brands on the market right now that claim an impossibly high lumen count but in actuality are a fraction of the claim. To put this in context, we dove with this light in some cenotes in Mexico. The water is crystal clear there, but the caves are pitch black… this light was heaven sent for illuminating the caverns and keeping the lurking horrors out!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry Sovil

    This is one fine light. The focused beam is great. The brightness of the light is incredible as noted by a reviewer above. I like the fact that is has some weight. On a night dive, deep dive or wreck dive this light shines (ok, sorry) and you know you have a grip on it. I appreciate the fact that it runs on AA batteries which are very easy to find here in Mexico. We selected this light for use in our rental program. It is sturdy and easy to use for divers using a light for possibly the first time. Thoroughly impressed with this light! You won’t go wrong investing in this Tovatec light.

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