Press Releases

The ICOM II is ready to ship!

Introducing the New Compact (ICOM) II  One of Tovatec’s most popular lights has been modified.  The Compact (better known as the ICOM) is one of our most popular, rugged, and economical lights in our line. Divers worldwide have praised this light for its... read more

Press Releases: Tovatec Search Light Redesigned

Tovatec Search Light Redesigned The Tovatec Search light has been redesigned with a sleek light head and a new bronze color. The light is rated at a powerful 800 lumens with a  narrow 8° focus beam. It features a one button control, multi- function switch with full... read more

Tovatec introduces the Fusion series at DEMA

  2015 has been a great year for Tovatec. Since our purchase of Tovatec last year, we have made a lot of changes and improvements both to our product line and level of service. This year at DEMA we will be introducing our newest and most revolutionary line of... read more

Press Release: Tovatec Galaxy Video Light

Tovatec, a division of Innovative Scuba, is delighted to present the Galaxy Video Light.  The Galaxy Video Light provides Photographers and Videographers a powerful and clean 140° beam with no hot spots.  With its clean edge to edge beam, it is a favorite among... read more

Press Release: Tovatec IFL WA Zoom-R

Tovatec, a division of Innovative Scuba, is pleased to announce its “Transformer” series of diving lights.  The series includes the Video Light Zoom Headlamp that features a 10-50° zoom beam and a 140° video light angle with 250 lumens.  The Total Lighting System is... read more