Tovatec Search Light Redesigned

The Tovatec Search light has been redesigned with a sleek light head and a new bronze color. The light is rated at a powerful 800 lumens with a  narrow 8° focus beam. It features a one button control, multi- function switch with full power, 30% power and strobe functions.

This beast of a light is a favorite among cave and night divers. It accepts 3 C batteries and has a burn time of 7 hours! As with most of Tovatec’s lights, it is depth rated to 328 ft. /100 meters. When you aren’t diving, it is a great light for home and car as well. Many public safety officers choose this light for their personal use.

The Search light is made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum. Though not recommended, it can withstand accidental drops – even on concrete. With the rubberized handle, gripping the light below and above water is easy.

The Tovatec Search light has been rated highly by online buyers. Some comments in reviews include:

“The concentrated beam is much brighter than a wide angle light,” “Nice, focused, bright beam means good penetration and signaling” (when using strobe).

“This is a wonderful primary light for the price. It is super bright … cast a nice bright white light and is super rugged. It is not a floodlight so video photographers will want to look elsewhere, but for most of us “regular” night divers a spotlight is the beam we use at night.”